My name is Charles Bryant and I am an Automation Engineer.

This book is a trial of the platform as a note editor. I wanted to write notes about my job, what I do, the problems I come across and solve... etc. I wanted to organize these notes like a book with the hopes of someday releasing them as a book. Let's see how it goes.

One of my goals is to not only capture my learning in a sharable resource, but also to explore this platform as my own learning resource. I currently try to blog and Evernote to reinforce my learning, but I found that blog posts become an unorganized blob of knowledge and there wasn't an easy way to write Markdown (my favorite note format) in Evernote. seemed like a much better way to structure my learning in a manner that makes it simple to expand and maintain.

I want to not only capture the technical aspects of automation engineering, but also the business aspects. How to manage a team and project, how to budget and deliver adequate ROI, and how to report various metrics linked to automation engineering so as to keep the team abreast of the value we deliver.

I don't think this book would ever be complete and it will be ever evolving, which is why the idea of the platform is so appealing to me. It is very easy to share a resource with a community and allow the community to keep it in sync with reality in the field.

If someone finds something missing or wrong in the community book, fork the book, make the correction and submit the change as a pull request where the community can decide if the change becomes part of the community book. As usual this sounds good on paper and can be something quite different when the wheels hit the ground. Like I said earlier, let's see how it goes.

I hope you find something useful here and decide to join the project.

Charles Bryant