Hello World Sample Code

To start this party off right we will jump right into a review of some code samples. We will be using the proverbial Hello World app. I think this is a little more approachable than some of the many ToDo demos and other more real world applications being used to tout React. I am not saying the demos are bad, but React is a significant paradigm shift for many developers and I think a slow build up is good for old dogs like myself trying to learn new tricks.

Exploring Hello World is great to get you grounded before exploring more "real world" type applications. We will even take the basic Hello World a little farther than simply displaying text to get exposure to the core concepts in React.

Sample Source

You can download the code samples with the link provided for each sample. You can also get a copy of the source from the GitHub repository by cloning


Thoughts for More Robust Scalable App

The samples are limited in scope because this is just an introduction. Additional topics that you can explore explore include:

  • ReactRouter

  • Immutable.js

  • Flux

  • Redux

  • GraphQL

  • Relay

  • Application Configuration Management

  • Session Management

  • Caching

  • Security

    • Tenant Management

    • User Management

    • Role Management

    • Authentication

      • Cookie

      • Token

      • OAuth

    • Authorization

    • and much more